Homemade Water Filter – DIY water filtration – (clear/clean water when you need it!) – simple design

Homemade Water Filter. DIY water filtration. simple design. needed: plastic bottle, sand, gravel. small piece of cotton and activated carbon (can be found at walmart/pet stores and wherever aquarium supplies are sold). filter should last 2 to 4 weeks before you have to change carbon. remember to rinse activated carbon before using it (or water will have a blackish color). when SHTF in an emergency be ready.…

Easiest way to clean a Berkey water filtration system- Weekend Wellness

How I clean my Berkey without removing the filters – The lazy way 🙂

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DIY Berkey Survival Water Purification System! $AVE!

Build it yourself survival/emergency water purification using Black Berkey Filter Elements. Get free food-grade containers at bakeries and food stores, spigots at Amazon.com or local hardware stores, and Berkey Black filters on the Internet. Be prepared or be ensnared!

This system will filter and help PURIFY dirty water, removing most germs, VOC’s, heavy metals, and other nastiness from lakes, streams, puddles, and other sources of water (unless extremely polluted or poisonous). It can also be used on a daily basis to purify your tap water. I also added the PF-2 (not pictured) Fluoride reduction elements.…

AlexaPure Pro Water Filter with Free Water Review

My Patriot Supply has a 10% OFF sale for replacement water filters until 11/16/16. Checkout their link below.
A review of the AlexaPure Pro water filtration system. I am collecting free rain water and filtering it and when it doesn’t rain I will filter tap water. I highly recommend for everyone to order this water filter to be prepared for any situation. The company My Patriot Supply has free shipping on orders over .

You can check out the AlexaPure Pro or replacement filters here http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/?Click=358271
The replacement filters sale is at their deal of the day tab once you …

How To Make a Water Filter In The Wild

Disclaimer. This water filter will not make the water SAFE. It will only render it clear and make it more palatable. you must boil it afterwards or use another form of proper disinfection. SODIS or Solar Disinfection would work.

In this video I go through the processes of constructing a primitive filter utilizing natural recourses such as charcoal from a fire, moss, and sand. I use a soda bottle as the filter container to show you the individual layers and to see the water seep through the layers.…

Best Whole Home Well Water Filtration System and Why You Should You Should Purchase. Free Shipping.

This System chlorinates- disinfects and then “Removes chlorination” before entering the home- Softens and Conditions and removes Rotten egg sulfur odors and iron and filters contaminates deeper then any full platform system. It does it all and you get the highest technology for middle of the road pricing. The most reliable operation with easy to use features. Can even go into a “Shock mode to treat existing bacterial conditions in your homes piping !” …. Nothing else even comes close. There is no “second best” in water well treatment only headaches and poor water quality.

The purchase of a filter …

Cheapest Whole House Water Filter System for under $800 Installed!

Hello Youtube,
Thank you for viewing my video for the cheapest whole house water system you can buy! 0 in parts, filters and supplies and about 0 for an install!

So everyone’s water , well or city contains a different amount of sediment, iron, ph, sulfur which could lead to brown toilets, rotten egg like smells, and hard water were you feel like you are bathing at the beach with sand.
I grabbed one of those free home testing kits from Home Depot and sent in a sample of my water. They said my water was high in sediment (151), …

H2O+ Cypress counter top water filtration system.

I was so much excited and said to myself, “vow!” when I opened the box. This is the exact water filter I had been longing for, for several years, since I was very much disappointed with the bulky and heavy, under the counter Reverse Osmosis water filter.
It is so easy to use, and you can connect it under one minute. I have added a video demonstration of how to connect it. Just find the right adapter for the faucet from the supplied box . Connect it to the faucet. Connect the 1/4 inch polyurethane tubing to the quick connect …

Make A Water Filtration System Clean Water Science Lab Demonstrated

This is a demonstration of the clean water science lab I recently purchased. It teaches you the basics of water filtration and purification. There are multiple experiments in the box. For today I am trying out the water filter.

This is the same principal used by the large water treatment plants in the city.

You can use this idea to make your own clean water filter for your off grid home.…

RV Water Filtration Systems

More: http://trekwithus.com/the-complete-guide-to-rv-water-filtration/

RV Water Filtration is important. Filters keep dirt, sediment, and even cysts from entering your RV and clogging up your water using appliances including your water heater, sinks, toilet, and shower. RV Water Filtration also supplies you with cleaner drinking water, and removes some or all of the chlorine, which is bad for your skin and bad to breath while showering.

Our RV Water Filtration System was purchased from http://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com

We are not affiliated with RV Water Filter Store in any way, however Richard did help me choose our system.

We have a 3 canister water filter system …