Solar Powered Well Pump Systems

For centuries, windmills were the preferred system for pumping wells in remote locations. The constant wind created the perfect energy source for the monotonous work of pumping water for livestock.

As low-tech as windmills are, they have an element of maintenance required to keep them operational. The gears need to be cleaned and greased regularly, and high winds can damage them.

That said, many of these pumping systems have been in operation for decades.

Recently, farmers have been exploring solar energy for a more consistent source of pumping energy, while still maintaining lower costs. These solar panels can easily be installed, and require virtually no maintenance. They are completely weatherproof, creating a system that can handle any storm.

Furthermore, the solar panels are designed to last for decades, and since they have no moving parts, they require almost no maintenance.

The system also allows for better management of resources. Instead of constantly pumping water above ground and requiring it to be evaporated or allowing overflow, These pumps can be equipped with electronic shut-offs, which mean they only have to be used when the water supply is low. This can save the amount of pumping that is done and lengthens the life of the equipment.

Solar Lighting International is well-known for their street lights but also have created a system of deep well and oil well pumps that are sought after for their commercial quality of construction. 

Farmers appreciate having a reliable system that keeps their cows hydrated, season after season.